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Parents: The school bus on a map, on your mobile phone. Get notified when it's a few minutes away.

Real-time GPS on the bus. Use our app to watch the bus as it gets close.

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Schools: Real-time visibility and control. Setup in under 1 hour.

Plans available for individual schools or entire school districts.

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For Families

No more waiting for the bus in the cold weather or scrambling to get to the stop if the bus is a few minutes early. Once your children get on the bus, know where they are and when they arrive at the school.

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For Schools

Watch your buses on the map in real-time, and save dozens of phone calls a week from parents asking where the bus is. See how long the bus spends at each stop so you can work with parents to make things run more smoothly.

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For Bus Companies

See where all BusWhere-enabled buses are at all times, at no cost. Simply plug the tracker in on the bus, register online, and start tracking. Offer a distinguishing feature set to the schools and districts you service.

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Are you eligible for bus service to your school?

School districts: Eliminate calls from parents at the start of the school year by letting them determine eligibility online.

Check the BusWhere Eligibility Portal to find out, or

download our information sheet to learn more.